profileI grew up in a very unique place in Iowa called Fairfield, a small farming town that also includes a transcendental meditation community. The combination of rural values and meditation culture provided a special experience growing up that I feel has had a large influence in my work. Much in the way Fairfield has a diverse and juxtaposed population, my approach to art blends multiple styles and genres. I enjoy being versatile in different mediums, as well as being able to create a variety of moods and effects. I feel that being well-rounded in multiple art forms makes for a stronger artist, and in turn allows for more interesting artwork to be produced.

profile2I have always been intrigued by art, and have been producing it most of my life. But, it was until I moved to Colorado several years ago that I gained a new passion and respect for it. After pursuing art in an higher educational setting, I determined that the self-taught route was better for me. In late 2012 I began teaching myself painting, tattooing, and Illustration full time. Over the past years i have begun to develop a style heavily influenced by tattooing and music culture, as well as the ever- changing world we live in. I think art can be a multitude of things, but most of all it should be fun and inspirational. I try to create art using vivid colors and aim to create pieces that put the viewer in a dreamy but pleasant state.

It’s hard to say what my work will look like in 10 years, but I anticipate my style will continue to change as I grow both as an artist and as an individual. With technology evolving so quickly, traditional art forms have sort of taken a back seat to graphic design and digital painting. I personally prefer the rawness of traditional mediums, but also have a great respect for these new programs and love to integrate traditional and new styles alongside one another. Ultimately, I value the opportunity to work as an artist professionally, and hope to continue to learn, teach, and collaborate as much as possible. Art is a beautiful thing and I want to encourage people to embrace it, be original, and keep it alive.